Virtual (In)difference Exhibition Press Release

Invitation to the Virtual (In)difference Exhibition. Designed by Scratch New Media.


Virtual (In)difference

Although now exhibited at two venues in 2000, the origins, motives and outcomes of the project can be explained from the original Press Release from the first show.

Press Release

VIRTUAL (IN)DIFFERENCE: a multimedia exhibition by the Focal Point Collective. Martime Room, Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea. April 6th 2000, from 1PM.

Virtual (In)difference is the first chance to see work form the recently-formed Focal Point Collective. The Focal Point Collective was established to foster collaboration between local artists working in the new digital media. It aims to provide a forum for the cross-fertilisation of ideas and to give opportunities to show work as well as developing skills and working practices.

The work exhibited will not be a conventional 'group show' but rather a snapshot of an ongoing, collaborative project based around explorations of a circular route between the Focal Point Gallery, the Crowstone (which marks the boundary of the Thames waters and the sea) and the Cliffs Pavilion itself.

Individual responses to walking the route have been reworked, combined, developed and de- and re-constructed by other Collective members, working either as individuals or in group workshops. The multimedia pieces which have evolved represent an attempt to map the experience and psychogeography of the public, urban space defined by the walks. The project will be using 'e-skip', a new web-based resource as part of its working process. Visit the e-skip web site and see some of the work evolving at


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