25 January 2006 edition- first published 15 April 1999.


The Degree Course
Welcome to my MA Design and Media Arts student web site. I studied this masters degree course at the University of Westminster, UK, between 1998-1999. This course has now been revised as the MA Art and Media Practice degree. Visit their web site for details.

The Student Projects
For my course work, I designed and produced three unique interactive media projects for CD-ROM. In addition, there was also a student web site, (of which, this is a revised and updated form), which gave teasers and samples of the CD-ROM work.

Content and Themes
In terms of content of this student work, I was hoping to communicate a theme of satire. At the time, this theme was only evident in only one commercial computer game, Star Ship Titanic (1998).

The three original interactive CD-ROM student projects that I worked for my MA degree on are discussed in detail, below.


Fairground 2000
My first student project was an interactive multimedia CD-ROM presentation. Fairground 2000 was a satire of The Millennium Experience exhibition in London, UK.

For further details on this project read Fairground 2000: Rationale and Production.


Kamikaze Kitten
The second student project was a computer game. Kamikaze Kitten was influenced by the 1980s video arcade game Frogger.

For further details read Kamikaze Kitten: Rationale and Production.


Higgledy Piggledy
The third student project was an experimental interactive media piece. Higgledy Piggledy is work which was incomplete.

For further details read Higgledy Piggledy: Rationale and Production.


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I hope you enjoy my work!

Philip James Wallace MA BA(Hons)

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