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Fast Track:
Fast Track:
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Fast Track

Fast Track was one of three group installation projects for the Virtual (In)difference Exhibition. It was exhibited twice in 2000.

Fast Track was based around artist's explorations an urban area. The Press Release explains the motives of all three Virtual (In)difference projects.

A multimedia piece, Fast Track utilized a computer program to randomly chose artist's animation, video, music and still photography sequences (the project was authored in Director). The installation was completed with a time lapse video of the River Thames Estuary tide.

Working in a group of six artists, I contributed photography and animations to the Fast Track project. Other artists involved in the production included: Melissa Bliss, Damien Robinson, Sarah Buckle, Sharon Byrne, and, Kirsteen Macdonald.

Other FPC group members contributed to the Virtual (In)difference projects. The installations (right) were all exhibited at the shows in April and December 2000.


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