Philip James Wallace

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Questions and Answers

1. What do you do?

I paint, draw and take photographs of areas of interest to me.

Projects include painting and drawing landscapes of London. This includes commissioned work for private collectors.

My other projects have included contributing to group digital media installations.

I have been commissioned to produce illustration for publishers.

2. Do you work?

This web site is to showcase activities outside paid employment.

My current employment is at a prestigious London medical school. Previously I worked at a world class university.

3. You sell art?

Any status as an artist is best described as amateur or semi-professional. Since no good or service is traded through this website (it is non-commercial) I am not obliged under United Kingdom law to publish a business address or telephone number.

4. Did you go to college?

I am educated to Master's degree level with a formal qualification in design and media arts. I also received a Bachelor's degree in media.

5. I cannot find you on other web sites?

For privacy and security I do not use social networking web sites.

6. How can I contact you?