Philip James Wallace

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Philip James Wallace MA BA (Hons)


1. Activities

I paint, draw and take photographs of areas of interest. A major curiosity are my landscapes of London. During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic my drawings included places in South East Essex.

My other projects have included contributing to group digital media art installations. I also previously have been commissioned to produce illustration for publishers.


My drawings and paintings are completed on location and I describe this as a reportage style.

My photography is the snapshot style. It is spontaneous and usually made with relatively cheap smartphones.

Creating digital images or illustrations requires studio based working and is usually time consuming.

3. Do I sell my pictures?

I describe myself as amateur or semi-professional. Since no good or service is traded through this website (it is non-commercial) I am not obliged under United Kingdom law to publish a business address or telephone number.

4. Did I go to college?

I am educated to Master's degree level with a formal qualification in design and media arts. I also hold a Bachelor's degree in media.

5. Paid employment

This website is to showcase activities outside paid employment

6. To contact me